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ZOCCHI examine, with the right indication, all new projects of customers on blown extrusion film needs offering the necessary complementary supplies designed to obtain the best performances on their extrusion lines.

Most of our components come from the deep knowledge of customized films, according to customer’s specifications to assure the best balance between performances and properties.

Working closely with the main actors of the packaging industry Zocchi always identify the most suitable solution with the best return on customer’s investments.


ZOCCHI has his proper production of special AIR COOLING RINGS from Ø 80 to 1200mm suitable for stationary and rotating die heads, manufactured to cool bubbles with normal, medium and high necks to get the proper BUR on the fly.
Radial vanes are precisely machined allowing equal air flow through out the Air Rings in turn distributing even airflow to the bubble.
ZOCCHI COOLING RINGS have manual adjusting system with 2 air flux inserts designed to keep optimal cooling rates and achieve immediately a bubble stability for different materials.
Built with highest grade of aluminum alloy and superior workmanship, incorporate teflon inserts on mating thread surfaces, preventing wear and binding.
​On demand, ZOCCHI can also fit on his Lines commercial automatic cooling rings manufactured from qualified European suppliers like Plast-Control, Syncro, Kdesign, Doteco, etc.


Extrusion Die Heads are the most important parts of blown film lines and are the keys to reach the highest films quality.
ZOCCHI manufacture Rotating Mono Layer die, Fix IBC Mono Layer Die and Fix IBC Co-extrusion 3,5,7 Layer Die for multi-purpose productions.
Range: from 80mm to 1200mm diameter

  • thermal homogeneity of the melt according to recipe materials of the user
  • optimum film thickness tolerances
  • short rinsing times
  • quickest material changes
  • all the spirals are nickel plated and polished, terminal parts can also be supplied with double chrome-plated finishing for best extrusion of some melts.


DOUBLE or SINGLE EMBOSSING DEVICES IN LINE from 1200mm to 2000mm net width, designed for tyre manufactures and vacuum film producers.

Our embossing devices can also be installed IN-LINE to any brand of blown film extrusion lines. Synchronized with the user machines, they are equipped with infrared lamps automatic regulated through the film temperature reading.


ZOCCHI can supply single screw extruders from Ø 45 to 120 mm, to meet the ever-changing requirements of customers and process a variety of raw materials and post-consumer regrind materials.
Extruders can be combined for 1- to 7-layer lines depending on requirements.
We install motors, of the most important European brands, with natural ventilation or water cooled jackets, to direct drive our extruders with the benefits of zero maintenance, reduced energy consumption, silent operation and increased compactness.
High-performance screws and barrels are made with 38CrMoAl with particular treatments to reduce premature wear using, after quenching, nitride and bimetallic solutions. Screws profiles are designed from ZOCCHI to be used for varius polimers extrusions.
Barrels are warmed up with infrared lamps, reducing time to reach set temperature, having a lower consumption but for extrusion of peculiar materials, we can supply ceramic heaters.


Fix or Oscillating Take off units complete with rotating/oscillating platform 360°, from width 800mm to 10 mt film open, using, where necessary, special turning bars to easily drive out any kind of film, even highly adhesive ones and with intermediate rolling pinch calenders to adjust the film tension and eliminate wrinkles before its winding.

Our collapsing frames can be supplied with:

  • aluminium rollers
  • carbon fiber rollers
  • wooden slats
  • double system to combine rollers + wooden slats for different kind of films
  • special non-marking and not sticking rollers and slats

If demanded for some films or environmental needs we can also add, into the Haul-off units, our special S-wrap cooling system.

Deep Automatic Gusseting System for agricultural film.


For “Face to Face” and “Back to Back” Winder - Recently developed for Blown Film Coextrusion Line for Stretch Film and Stretch Silage - automatic movement of the Expanding Shaft and Reels.

The Fully Automatic Robot, developed by Zocchi, blocks the expanding shaft with finished reels and remove the air from expanding shaft.

A trolley moves the finished reels outside the winder and the Robot, in automatic, put the expanding shaft in position for the following reel changing.


Automatic Winders with different possibilities of winding as: surface contact, axial/gap, mixed system, available in widths from 800mm to 5000mm.
Equipped with the latest generation PLC safe.
The machines are fully automatic version with automatic cutting systems for the production of multi-reels and automatic discharge of the reels on the floor or on the trolleys.
Our winders can reach a max. speed of 200 mt/min including a pre-acceleration mandrel system during reel change.


Are you looking for the right solution?
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