Co-extrusion lines

Co-extrusion lines

3-Layer Coextrusion Line LDPE/HDPE

3-Layer Coextrusion Line LDPE/HDPE  with IBC

-55/70/55 Extruders
- Ultrasonic System IBC
- 300mm Coex I.B.C. Stationary Die.
- Oscillating Take-Off 1800mm
- Double Station Automatic Winder 1800mm
- Gravimetric System - 3 Components
- Output: 350/400 Kg/h LDPE-HDPE
- Thickness Range: 10/300 micron


5 layer lines

Blown film 5-layer coextrusion line with modular head, supplied with internal bubble cooling (IBC) and suitable for die diameters 200-600mm


7 layer lines

Blown film 7-layer coextrusion line with modular head